Top 3 Best Coffee Shops in Sapa

1.The Hill Station

The pretty The Hill Station Coffee shop is located on Muong Hoa Street leading to Lao Chai - Ta Van. Although the shop is not large, it is characterized by the warm and cozy atmosphere. Therefore,  visitors can’t help staying at the shop longer or coming back the next time. Moreover, corners of “vintage” style enable tourists to capture “virtual” check-in pictures.  Sounds nice!

The Hill Station features two floors of the stilt house and airy view. Standing from a distance, or even stepping onto the shop, you are immediately impressed by the charming design. The outer space is characterized by walls of slag bricks and or stairs of stone while the inner captures the eyes of visitors by rustic furniture, pretty and tranquil little corners.  Coming to Sapa in these cold days, sitting in a beautiful corner of the bar then sipping a cup of tea or coffee, you would probably how wonderful your life is.

The Hill Station offers various kinds of foods and drinks featuring European cuisine such as cafes, cocktails, crepes, etc. In addition, it sells familiar local products such as silver earrings, honey jars that are beautifully decorated. 

2. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven Sapa Camp Site is actually a hostel that works as a campsite at the same time. However, the shop still serves coffee for those who wish to indulge themselves into the delightful scenery of  Sapa. Nestled on Vong Canh Hill, The Haven Sapa Camp Site enables its visitors to hold panoramic views of Sapa. How amazing!

The Cafe is located on the road leading to Cat Cat village, 1.5 kilometers from the town of Sapa. The prominent characteristic of the shop is that is the airy outdoor area in which visitors can feel free to greet the panorama of the surrounding scenery. 

Surrounded by the town of Sapa at the back, Cat Cat village at the foot, and the with majestic Hoang Lien Son range in front, The Haven Sapa Camp Site is without dispute an ideal destination for those who love nature admiration and local daily life exploration. Visiting this amazing coffee shop, you definitely enjoy the panoramic view of Sa Pa. More importantly, you have a chance to see the “cloud paradise” that made you feel as if you were immersed in the heaven.

Additionally, the quiet space and fresh air of the shop is undoubtedly a good choice for you to relax with your family of friends after a long week of working and studying hard. 

3. Gem Valley

Located right at Cat Cat Village, Gem Valley is known for its best view corner in Sapa. Stepping onto the shop, you are definitely impressed by the rustic atmosphere of brick walls, wooden doors, and eye-catching climbing flower.

There is one thing interesting that Gem Valley is actually an art gallery set up by a painter from Hanoi. Therefore, you have a chance to admire a significant number of beautiful paintings when visiting the shop. In addition to the admiration of paintings, the Gem Valley enables its guests to capture nice “check – in” pictures thanks to dozens of “super nice corners”.  

Most significantly, the tables placed along the balcony provides tourists with the breath – taking view of the peak of Fansipan Mountain on the Hoang Lien Range and the entire Cat Cat Village. However, you should get there early because these tables are always “full”.

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