Top 5 Dishes To Try In Bhutan

If you are a “foodaholic”, or even a gourmet, you should definitely give following 5 dishes in Bhtan a try. These dishes of distinctive spicy flavor promise to stir up your taste bubs for the first time of tasting them

Ema datshi

Ema datshi seizes the tittle of the “national soul" food of Bhutan. The dish is made of the mixture of chili (ema) and cheese (datshi) and served at meals of the Bhutanese. The locals create considerable variations of this dish by adding green beans, potatoes, mushrooms, ferns, and cheese made from Yak cow's milk. In addition, they also process this amazing dish by green pepper and red pepper of dry or fresh form.


Momo is actually the Tibetan dumplings recipe (popular in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, the Indian states of Sikkim Darjeeling). The dumpling as filled with pork, beef, cabbage, and cheese. The tasteful and fragrant dish is often served at special occasions and big festivals due to the preference of Bhutanese people.

Jasha Maru (Stir-fried chicken)

The mouth – watering Jasha grasps the eyes of tourists by the red of tomatoes and chili. This tasteful dish is made of chopped chicken meat, then stewed with chilies, tomatoes and other ingredients. Noticeably, the dish is often eaten with rice at meals.

Phaksha Paa

Phaksha Paa is made from pork and red peppers. In addition, they add white radish and spinach in the dish to release a better flavor. To make this dish, pork is cut into small and thin slices, then, slightly dried with fried red peppers and some vegetables. This dish is often accompanied by rice or dishes made of cheese.


There is one thing interesting that Goep (the inner organs) of the cow is considered as a favorite dish in Bhutan. Like other dishes made of meat, Goep is cooked with a lot of chili or chili powder. To make this dish, Goep is chopped, then cooked with chili, green onions, and some vegetables. 

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