The Best Places to Visit in Korea

From vibrant parks, Jeju island, mud festivals, to bamboo forest ... Korea has countless of fascinating experiences to explore.

1. Korean sauna

Jjimjilbang is a great cultural experience worth a try in Korea, especially if you go with friends and family. The public sauna has a male and female section, 24-hour room service, sauna, lockers, public baths, bedrooms, and even some other recreational activities.

12. Watching a Kpop concert

Kpop is a prominent feature that can not be ignored when referring to Korean culture. Korean pop music is a mix of market music, fashion, sexy visuals, adorable, and a little R & B. Although not love, you should try once to witness the scene, feeling spectacular there. The dance, screams of fans, ear-catching melody will bring an unforgettable evening.

13. Loveland Museum

Loveland on Jeju Island is one of the surreal, oddly attractive attractions in Korea. There, you can enjoy statues in the garden simulating sexual organs and sexual behaviors, to detailed exploration of the intricate life of Koreans
14. Tasting fresh seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market

The largest seafood market in the country, Jagalchi in Busan where you are sure to drop by, if seafood is your favorite. How fresh is the fish here? You can pick fish from any stall, and watch the seller cook it right before your eyes.

15. Eat bibimbap in Jeonju

Bibimbap rice is on the list of outstanding dishes from Korea, combining vegetables, fried eggs, and gochungjang sauce. You can easily find a bibimbap shop anywhere in Korea. Even in the hometown of the food, Jeonju, people also celebrate the bibimbap festival.

16. Drink soju, eat twigim, and sing noraebang

It seems that anyone in Korea knows how to turn a normal evening into joy with friends. Recipes sometimes simply eating, drinking, and singing noraebang (karaoke in korean). Beverages like light vodka, soju is very suitable to combine with many dishes, like twigim (fried flour), tteokbokki (spicy rice cake).

17. Visit Jeju Island

 Certainly the most popular tourist destination after Seoul, Jeju is also known as Hawaii of Korea. Jeju conquers the visitor's heart thanks to its beautiful scenery, from the Hallasan shield volcano, Manjanggul lava cave, Sangumburi volcanic crater, to impressive beaches and waterfalls.

18. Bulguksa Temple 

Bulguksa Temple)is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered one of South Korea's most important historical sites. The ancient temple holds many national treasures, such as Dabotap tower, Seokgatap tower, gilded bronze Buddha statue...

19. Hanok Village (Jeonju)

Come here if you want to retreat into the past, look at a Korean before the modern technology and factory. The village has more than 800 houses built in traditional Hanok style.

20. Damyang Bamboo Forest (Jeollanamdo Province)

You will get lost in the world of tranquility, surrounded by the cool blue of bamboo forest. Besides, you also have the opportunity to visit some of the traditional Hanok architecture here.

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