Malaysia Travel - Visit The Sea Turtle's Paradise

Malaysia has beautiful dreamy places but there is one lesser known place where Hawksbill Sea Turtles choose home building - Kuala Penyu.

In Bahasamalayu, Kuala is a sea mouth, where water flows into the sea, Penyu is a turtle. The name accurately depicts the geographic location and most important features of this town. From the Kota Kinabalu capital of Sabah state, also known as KK, on a two-hour road through the green forest, the bridges cross the river, steep hills, visitors set foot in the remote village, far away from noisy market
Waiting for eggs hatchling.

The town of Kuala Penyu, the turtles mouth, lined the coastline and extended toward the forest. The kumpung (village) is often separated by hills, a river or a forest. Kumpung Menumpang is where I arrived and decided to stay.

Elizabeth Miasin and Ferdinand Kimlin - her husband has a low roof house on the beach with long green coconut palms. In addition to building Christian works, they set up many rooms in the house to welcome volunteers around the world. Many young people from many continents support volunteer work in the town.

The day I traveled to Malaysia to visit Kuala Penyu is also the season that Hawksbill mother turtles going to the shore to lay eggs. The nature reserve in Borneo sent people to supervise, circle the nests and protect the fence. Two eggs nestled in front of Elizabeth's porch hatched three months later with more than 200 healthy baby turtles. This is such an important day for the whole town. According to the calendar predicted on the night of the turtles coming out from the eggs, adults and children in the village dragged together to the beach waiting for midnight to watch each little souls turn up from the sand. When the turtles were born is also the time shark swimming near the shore at night so they are kept by the villagers until the morning to drop back to the sea. They let the children in the village carry their own baby turtles on the sand, this is the way to educate children love nature with the most practical action. Marine turtles in the wild are not so much affected by climate change, polluted ocean by waste and illegal fishing lines, so the efforts of local people to maintain the marine ecosystem anchor faith in people.

The sunny April 

As a blessing to the heart, the heaven gives Kuala Penyu beautiful sunny seasons. The 80km coast line, not far from the coast, is a particularly thick coral, so the shoreline in Kuala Penyu at low tide is smooth. Sources of marine food are anchovies, rays, herrings and lots of crabs. In the late spring and early summer, fishermen just throw the net near the shore, each batch was a few white anchovies jumping wildly. The person pulling the net of force drowned in the blaze of bright orange. In April, the clear sky, the surface of the sea as calm as the giant mirror. This season, just a stroll on the sea, you can see the "parade" of many sea animals swimming on the shore, such as rays, crabs, cunts, jellyfish ... Fresh coconut is free if you want to climb the tree picking.

About 30 minutes away from the town is the beautiful Pulau Tiga Island off the coast. The red color of the sunrise or sunset here enough to make visitors not afraid to take off legs. The island is part of the Tiga Conservation Zone, the roof of the rich flora and fauna: the Hornbill Hornbill, the crocodile-like water lizard, and numerous shellfish species borrowed Hermit shells on the beach. 

Cultural and colorful religious festivals

Bang Sabah in particular or Malaysia in general is a harmonious country. Muslims, Christians and Buddhists all live in the same area, participate in community activities or festivals. Tamu market starts every Monday afternoon and lasts until the end of the next day to sell all necessities to Muslims such as seafood, fresh vegetables from the locality. Especially the unique Sabah red delicious durian is only grown in this area.

The salt marshes and the Klias River flow around the terrain that feeds the Sago plant with its resins into a white powder that forms the traditional dish of Borneo Islanders. The first week of July is the Sago festival called Pesta Rumbia. Local people dressed in traditional attire, display sago products, enjoy food and dance around the flames.

Kuala Penyu is nourished by the kindness of nature so the lives of the people here are peaceful, peaceful. An ideal hideaway for those who want to hide, to find a balance for the tired soul. Visitors do not need much preparation. Just go to enjoy harmony with nature and people.

Some notes when traveling to Malaysia

From Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Kota Kinabalu (KK), you can book with Air Asia with cheap daily flights. Free Malaysian Visa for Vietnamese is 30 days. Through different states, customs will stamp the passport.

Arrive Kuala Penyu by bus from KK to Beaufort town. From Beaufort, take a taxi, mini bus or take a ride to get to Kuala Penyu town center in 50 minutes.

The dry season starts from January to April. The temperature is very high and there is no cold season, only the big storms should be avoided from August to October. The most beautiful sunset from February to June.

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