5 Antique Streets You Should not Miss in Ho Chi Minh City

If you stay in Ho Chi Minh City such a long time, you will probably be fascinated by antique hunting, antique items, and antique streets alike.

1. Antique shops on Le Cong Kieu Street

Housed in a short road in District 1, the antique items are displayed luxuriously and attractively, that promise to catch the attention tourists right they step onto the shops, or even they just come across them. These shops exhibit and sell many eyes- catching sculptures, statues,.. from a long time ago. Significantly, these antique items reflect the traditional values and arts styles. Therefore, the owners are often old people who have a great passion for antique items and deep knowledge of them at the same time. Foreign visitors often drop by these shops to buy unique things as souvenirs for family and friends during their amazing trip to Vietnam. 

2. Second -  hand market on No Trang Long street

Situated in Cao Minh garden cafe in the alley of No Trang Long street (Binh Thanh District), No Trang Long Scraps Market has been attracting a significant number of visitors by a variety of antiques. The point is that the market is opened every Sunday, so, it is always crowded with guests. The market has made it name by “mouth – to - mouth” recommendation and had regular guests. Interestingly, the market is not actually a bustling business, instead, it is where people can relax, drink a cup of coffee after a week of working hard. Additionally, visitors have a chance to feel free to admire and understand antiques in a quite atmosphere that is different from that in the food market.  

3. Nhat Tao Scraps Market

Lying on Nhat Tao Street, District 11, Nhat Tao scraps market has been working for a long time right in the heart of Saigon and attracting a large number of visitors. The market offers a variety of electronics and electrical facilities of reasonable prices. Get there, visitors would definitely impressed by the bargain of the tradesmen and market goers and the sound of electric equipment. It is noisy, of course, but still preserves the breath of the ancient Sai Gon.

4. Hoang Hoa Tham Second - hand Market

Being known as one of the biggest second - hand markets in Sai Gon, Hoang Hoa Tham second - hand market has been attracted a large number of visitors, particularly the young ones. Featuring various kinds of clothes, shoes, and handbags of surprisingly low prices, the market vows to satisfy the needs of shoppers, particularly those who love shopping. Sauntering around the market, you definitely own unique items that promise to satisfy your needs of shopping. Give it a try!

5. Old Book Street

Located on Tran Nhan Tong Street, District 5, old bookstores are always crowded with guests even during rainy days. These shops offer a variety of used books, which vow to satisfy your need of finding books of your hobbies. If you are engrossed with series of comics, you should definitely make a visit to these shops because of its supply of various kinds of book of affordable prices. It is such an amazing experience of finding a book in a neatly – arranged old bookstore. Thus, you might love the books that were read by many book lovers. Get there to find your favorite books, it would certainly be a wonderful experience.

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