10 Cambodian Dishes You Should Know

Khmer dishes are famous for its rich flavor and exotic ingredients. If you have the opportunity to come here, you should try delicious dishes like fish curry, red curry, fried crab, cha houy teuk…

Fish Amok: Fresh fish is cooked with coconut and kroeung - a kind of Kmer curry, including citronella, turmeric, garlic, shallots, ginger. This dish is usually presented in "bowl" made from banana leaves.

Bai sach chrouk (Pork Rice): This is a very simple but delicious dish, popular throughout the “country of temple”. Sliced thin pork, baked slowly over the coal to keep the natural sweetness. Sometimes pork can be marinated with coconut milk and garlic. The meat then is presented on plate, with rice, pickled vegetable and ginger. It’s best to be served with a bowl of chicken broth.

Khmer red curry: Not as spicy as Thai curry, this dish is usually made from beef, chicken or fish, with tomato, potatoes, green beans, citronella, fresh coconut milk and kroeung. This dish is often cooked at special Cambodian events such as weddings or occasions such as Pchum Ben. Red curry is usually served with bread.

Black pepper black crab: Kampot province in southern Cambodia is famous for its seafood and extensive black pepper farms. Fresh crabs are fried together with fresh peppercorns, creating a particularly delicious flavor.

Red ant and beef: This very strange dish is made from ants in all sizes, stir-fried with ginger, chilli, citronella, garlic, shallots, and sliced beef. This is often eaten with rice.

Nom banh chok: This is a popular breakfast dish in Cambodia, often carried by street female vendors. A bowl of nom banh chok consists of rice noodles, marinated curry fish sauce made of lemongrass, turmeric and lemon grass, herbs, bean sprouts ... The version of red curry is often used for holidays, wedding.

Lort cha: This dish is often sold on food carts in the evening. Noodles are cut short, fried with bean sprouts, fresh onions and eggs. Finally, all mixed with chili and soy sauce before eating

Grilled Foods: You can find grilled food all over Cambodia, with all sorts of ingredients, from beef, chicken to squid, shrimp. Meat and seafood are often not marinated, but will be accompanied by sauce.

Fish hotpot: Fish is fried, then put into the hot pot with spicy sweet coconut curry, added with vegetables like cabbage, served with rice noodles.

Cha houy teuk: This sweet dessert is quite cheap, sold at the sidewalk in Phnom Penh. Cha houy teuk is a colorful algae jelly, added with sagu palm oil, green beans and coconut cream. Moreover, you can try sticky rice that is sprinkled with coconut milk, add taro, red beans and pumpkin.

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