Mong Rong Rock – The Valley of Love in Co To Island

With the unique and magnificent combination of stone and water, Mong Rong Rock Field promises to be a "weapon to take your heart away" when visiting Co To Island.

Mong Rong Rock Field (located in Zone 4, Co To Town, Quang Ninh) is a natural rock formations with unique colors and shapes. This rocky field covers an area of more than 40 ha, with a length of about 2 km spreading in the direction of North East - South West of Co To Island.

This is the most beautiful place in the archipelago. If coming to this place for sunrise, visitors can admire the gorgeous sun with the music of waves beating, murky water on the sedimentary rock.

From a distance, the rock’s shape is like a big mouse’s tail, with rocks stectching out into the sea. From the ancient books, the Mong Rong Rock Filed is called Thu My Bridge, gradually people call it Cau My for short. Seeing the mountains stretching out to the sea, the majestic promenade makes people think of the nail of the dragon. Therefore, in 2015, Cau My rocky reef was renamed Mong Rong (Dragon’s nail).

Dubbed the "love valley", there are countless rocks, not the tectonic rocks in caves, but the sedimentary rock that has been eroded by the sea for thousands years. 

Layered rocks of different colors and shapes create a unique beauty for Cau My, so that this rock becomes a unique wonder among Vietnam's islands.

Coming to Mong Rong Fieds, visitors can admire the exotic rock formations,with many different shapes. Visitors often visit the bridge at dawn when the sun rises. Early crystal sunshinemakes the water more magical.

So do not miss out a chance to take photos in sunrise here. That scenery is easy to make your heart vibrating.

The beach here is completely separate from the noisy city, you can take a leisurely stroll, climb to the rocks, watch the sea. On sunny days, visitors can see the clear blue sea, the green water and vast sky.
In addition, visitors can also go fishing, catch snail or enjoy scuba diving in the windy day. In moss season, you can watch the coral reef, colorful fish swimming under the blue water.

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