Representative Features of Myanmar Culture

Myanmar is an ideal destination for travelers from all around the world. It has been attracting visitors because of the beauty of the luscious landscape, ancient mysterious features. Nonetheless, it makes everyone feel good for it with its own beauty in term of culture, customs and festivals here. You will have an interesting, true experience about this sacred country.

Myanmar is home to many major temples in the world

The Shwedagon Pagoda

As a Buddhist country with love and devotion to Buddhism, Myanmar is home to the largest number of temples and stupas in the world. The temples and pagodas here bear majestic and magnificent religious architecture. People here pay immense respect for the Buddha. Therefore, in the temples, they often put the gold leaf on the pagoda. For this reason, people call Myanmar the golden country of Asia. Those who are Buddhist believers wish once in a lifetime of pilgrimage to this divine land. In Myanmar, there are plenty of minerals, except gold. This place is famous for types of ruby, marble, etc. The marble here is very large, used to sculpt the statue of Buddhas.

The uniqueness of Burmese dining habit

Traditional Myanmar cuisine is a combination of Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine that creates a distinct identity for this land. It is famous for Shan dishes such as Shan rice, Shan noodles, Shan tofu, etc. and especially, turmeric is an indispensable spice in the Myanmar meal.

Burmese people use right hand to pick food

Myanmar is like India, people here eat their food by hand, they do not use spoons or chopsticks to eat rice. They use their right hand to pick up food, so on your trip to Myanmar, when receiving food, you should use your right hand to eat, not the left hand, because for them if you eat with your left hand, it is a rude action, the left hand is only used in the toilet. The uniqueness of the way people eat here also makes tourists very excited, especially the tourists from the West, they often imitate the people here, make a small rice ball by hand and put into the mouth to eat deliciously.

A distinctive feature of costumes and customs

Longyi is the traditional costume for both genders

Myanmar's government encourages people to preserve their national identity. As a result, Myanmar is known for its distinctive character, as well as its costumes and traditions. Unlike many parts of the world where people wear T-shirts and jeans, in Burma, both man and women still wear sarongs when they go to the streets. Longyi sarong is the costume associated with the lives of the people here. So tourists coming here can see the beauty of Burmese culture. Women in this country, instead od making-up with chalk, lipstick, use thanakan as makeup on the face, neck, and hands to cool, to protect their skin from the sun.

Burmese people love chewing betel leaf.

People here, they still chew betel nuts, many people gladly say, the people here are like "red-toothed vampires" but gentle and friendly.

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