What to Buy in Hue

Not only famous for ancient citadel and palaces, Hue also attracts visitors with its delicious dishes. If you have the opportunity to travel Hue, do not forget to buy the specialties below as gifts.

Sesame candy

As the pride of the people of Hue, sesame candy is delicious and tough, people can eat so much without bored. Me (sesame) and xung (a way of processing sugar) makes the name of the candy. Lightly hand out the thin nylon sheets as the paper is the delicious candy in your hand, the smell of roasted sesame oil is so fragrant, mixed in candy is the fatty flavor of peanut. Hue has dozens of famous sesame candy brand names such as Song Hy, Thien Huong, Thong Huong, Thanh Binh, Song Nhan, Nam Thuan, Hong Thuan

Nem & Tré

Nem Hue differs from nem of the North and the South. We never meet a round pepper in the middle of the nem bar. In the bar of nem, there are enough tastes of lean meat, fermented sour, chopped pork, audiophile, fish sauce, sugar, salt ...

Tré is a special dish of Hue people. There are two types: Tré from beef and pork. Beef tré is brown,  with good smell and sweet taste. Although called beef tré but there still a little fried pork chopped, mixed galangal, garlic, guava leaves… wrapped in banana leaves like nem chua. The red-brown pork tré also smells sweet with garlic, slightly sweet and sour taste, made of baked yellow rice mixed with galangal, garlic, … wrapped in Ming aralia leaves and banana leaves.

Lotus seeds

Lotus seed is everywhere but the best is in Hue, especially the ones from Tinh Tam lake with thousand-petal pink lotuses. Currently, there are many lotus lakes in Hue where we can find delicious seeds that unlike other places. If you want to buy fresh or dried lotus seeds, you can visit Dong Ba market with many different types.

Melaleuca oil

Melaleuca oil is one of the famous traditional products of Hue. It’s a must for every family in Hue to always have a bottle of Melaleuca oil in their houses to protect the health of the whole family. Melaleuca oil is effective with cough, flu, cold ... for children, pregnant women and adults.

Conical hat

Hue conical leaf hat, especially poem hat is more popular thanks to its gentle beauty. It's not just a hat, it's a work of artisan. Hue conical hat is a special souvenir that many tourists prefer in their tours in Hue.

Royal tea

The royal tea is processed according to the recipe which is considered to have been taken from the Nguyen Dynasty's royal palace, which was a drink for kings. Hue royal tea is now packaged in convenient form, easy to buy as gifts. The slight sweet taste is very healthy, especially in cooling down the body, and hence it is a favourite product to many people.

Areca candy

Areca candy is a popular candy for children, it looks like a piece of areca fruit, consisting of a pale yellow hard part, representing a shallow nut, a yellow sugar shaker and the white part made of sugar mixed with flour. This is a long-standing folk food in Hue. In the past, it was wrapped in dried banana leaves but now it looks like an areca piece wrapped in clear glass paper. This candy is sold everywhere in Hue city, in big markets, in grocery stores, especially in tourist attractions.

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