Top 5 Evergreen Cafes in Hanoi, Vietnam

Open spaces, lush balcony or small potted plant on the table or around the aisles of Green Coffee, Gardenista, Cosa Notra impress many people in Hanoi.

1. Green Coffee: True to its name, the cafe has trees everywhere from walkways, stair railings to the windows. These pots are also arranged on the wall shelves. Glass jars are also used to plant trees. The owner skilfully combines light, color, furniture and greenery to create a modern and fresh space. 

Address: No. 8 Hang Chao Alley, Dong Da District.

2. Ohi Tree & Coffee: When entering the front door, you will be impressed with the pots, small flower in various colours on the walls, tables and walkways. The space of the cafe is a harmonious combination between classic beauty and cool green colour of the trees. In addition to the popular drinks, the cafe offers Tibetan chamomile tea with refreshing taste and gentle herbal fragrance which is loved by many customers. 

Address: 55 Phan Chu Trinh, 71A Nguyen Du.

3. Gardenista: Located on the crowded streets of Van Bao, the cafe looks like a glass garden filled with green tree. Wooden tables and gray cement wall makes a gentle, relaxed space. On the table, many lovely potted plants are put for decoration. The cafe is very crowded so you may have to wait quite a long time after ordering a drink. 

Address: No. 50 Van Bao, Ba Dinh District.

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4. Cosa Notra: Considered as a miniature European in the heart of Hanoi, the cafe with two storeys is decorated very subtlely, taking the gray as the main colour and many trees around. Details of the cafe like tables, chairs, mats also feature classic European beauty. Big potted plants put in the middle of the aisle, next to the seats, the balcony ... make visitors feel like sitting between a garden. Drinks and snacks with high standards and expensive price like such as pasta, salad, duck pate prepared by the chefs in 5-star hotels. 

Address: 24 Tong Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District.

5. Cora Cafe: The cafe is always full of lights with large area, consisting of 2 floors, airy space and large windows. The unique green grass on the wall, tree placed at corners, spiral wooden staircase connecting the two floors... are interesting highlights of the space here. In addition, the cafe is also decorated by several mural paintings under creative Typography arts. 

Address: 24 Hoa Ma.

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