The Immense Buckwheat Hill at the Top of Khau Pha Pass

Although the buckwheat flower field in Khau Pha Pass is not as large as in Ha Giang or Si Ma Cai (Lao Cai) but it’s very prominent among the mountains.

Harvest season in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) have passed, but this place is still an attractive destination for backpackers. In addition to the winding terraced fields, Khau Pha Pass also has a stuning buckwheat flower hill.

The buckwheat flower field is planted as an experiment this year by the locals. This flower garden is located in a very nice place on Khau Pha Pass (near places of parachuting). Here you not only can freely watch the flowers, but also enjoy the pass, the terraces, the villages of Thai, Hmong people and immerse yourself into the cool air and poetic scenery in one of the most beautiful mountain pass in the Northern.

The buckwheat flower here has just bloomed so they are now white. Only the flowers which are going to fade have the beautiful pink colour. The soil here is a very good condition for buckwheat flower to grow, so the locals and the authorities also intend to expand the buckwheat flower fields to attract tourists.

The flowers were planted in a hillside overlooking a vast space with terraced fields and winding road passes. You can stand from above to watch the whole scene, get both the panoramic view over flowers, trees and hills. You can also take photo from the bottom to the top to see the blue sky.

Each guest has to pay 15,000 dong (0.6 USD) for entrance fee at the flower field. You can take as many photos as you wish and even hire ethnic costumes from the owner to have lovely memories with the flower.

In the middle of the flower bed, there’s a small obvious dirt path, so the guests can avoid trampling the beautiful flowers.

If you come here in the morning, this place is also an ideal spot to hunt clouds. The best time to take photos of beautiful flower garden is approximately at 8-9 AM because it’s not too sunny. The sun shines down, making the flower hill more brilliant.

In addition, harvest season has finished but the terraced fields are still attractive for tourists. On many roads, you can see the hills and mountains appearing from the yellow colour of rice roots which still have not been removed and the small houses of ethnic people of H-Mong and Tay. You also should not ignore the local specialties such as buckwheat cake, roasted pork, ant eggs, apple...

Khau Pha Pass is one of the four most majestic passes in Vietnam. If you intend to conquer the pass in this season, the weather should be noted. If encountering heavy rain, there’re probably landslides on the road. If that is your first trip, you should take a bus to Yen Bai city or Van Chan town then continue hire a motorbike to conquer the Khau Pha pass.

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