The Appartment Filled Up with Cafes in Saigon

No. 42 Nguyen Hue condominium is 'home' to many of the most famous cafes of Saigon.

Though there are many majestic and beautifully-designed coffee shops in modern buildings or in good locations with nice views, the cafes in the old apartment still have a very bold imprint which we call “so Saigonese”. In the most mentioned condominiums, the No.42 on Nguyen Hue street still be the most prominent name thanks to many lovely cafes, located right in the city centre.

Even before the time that the Nguyen Hue walking street was formed, the condominium number 42 had been well known for it’s the location of many famous cafes, restaurants, teashops and fashion shops. Along with the introduction of the walking street, this place becomes one of the most favourite meeting points at the weekends of the young people in Ho Chi Minh City.

There’s a guests commented that, if you have only one hour to explore Saigon, you should go to this popular apartment complex, where you can see a corner of the city from above, feel the rhythm of Saigon's vibrant and quiet life in a youthful and artistic space like cafes in No 42 Nguyen Hue.

Some common points of the cafés in this condominium are a modest area, small seats at the balcony but very eye-catching decorative feature with their own special gout. Currently, there are more than 10 coffee shops spreading over 9 floors, decorated in different styles, most of which are among the most famous cafes in Saigon. However, going to these cafes, you must walk through several floors, or pay VND 3000 per time for the elevator in this No 42 condominium.

At this place, you will have many choices of coffee shops and fashion shops such as Saigon Oi, Thinker and Dreamer, Bong Gon milktea, Partea, Buihaus, The Market Concept, Mango Tree, Boo, Saigon - Vieux, The Letter, Mêlee, Orientea, Met Sign, Delight kafe and tea ...

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Saigon Oi Cafe 

The name of the cafe is like a loving call to the magnificent Saigon. Here the cafe also has a nice balcony area to enjoy panoramic view of Saigon.

A special point in this cafe is that, when ordering the drink, the staff will ask for your name, and you will have the lovely drink with your name on it (such as “Lan oi”, “Nhi oi”, “Ngoc oi”) – just lovely and friendly like humans of Saigon. 

Thinker and Dreamer

This is not a large area but every small detail is taken care very carefully and artistically according to Western minimalist style: white painted walls, wooden green pots for decoration ... Its tables, chairs or wall paintings are also carefully selected for synchronization.

Partea English teahouse

Partea teahouse is one of the first English-style tea rooms in Saigon. From the first time of introduction, the tea house was immediately interested by the youth in Saigon. Even the elder people also like it very much - a new way of enjoying cake and tea in an elegant and luxurious space with beautiful cups like that.

The menu of the tea house mostly includes imported leaf teas with various flavours (over 30 types), along with suitable pastries such as cheesecake, Red Velvet, flan gato, nama ...

Boo Coffee

Boo Coffee initially owned only a space located on the 9th floor. However, with a growing number of guests, they opened one more space on the 8th floor. Although the area is not too large, the fresh lovely style is very suitable with the youth.

The Letter

The distinct attraction of The Letter is there are also shops selling Japanese pottery and vintage-style clothes in the cafe, so the guests can both come to enjoy a drink and buy things or admire exhibits.
The remarkable yellow colour and highlighted lanterns shining at night bring a feeling like you're in Hoi An.

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