Top 8 Beautiful Destinations That You Shouldn’t Miss in Quang Ngai

You will make a huge wrong, if you think that Ly Son island is the only worth place to visit in Quang Ngai.

1. White Waterfall, Minh Long

The waterfall is situated in Thanh An commune, about 23km southwest of the Quang Ngai city, and surrounded by an area of consecutive mountains and hills, as well as painted with green color of trees, so the space is very romantic, fresh and quiet. The waterfall is about 40m high with the white foam over the rock at the bottom.

The water stream tumbles over limestone rocks into pools at the foot of the waterfall, then runs follow the stream of 20m wide, crosses over undulating rock and the valley before meeting other streams. Onychostoma gerlachi is a kind of fish in the pool at the foot of the waterfall, also is a favorite specialty of many tourists.

2. My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach situates in Co Luy hamlet, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai with 7km long sandy beach. It is a great crescent moon shaped beach that can make a strong impression by the pristine beauty, quiet and romantic space of floating clouds, whispering waves ... All of them seem to invite tourists coming.

Above the beach, there are a few quiet fishing villages, nestled on the vast sea, sporadic moored boats. The images of the fishing boats, rustic basket boat lying amidst the wind sun seem to paint some impressive traits for the picture of blue sea and white sandy beach. 

3. Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh beach is located about 60km South of Quang Ngai city, so tourists can just spend 40minutes to get there if you travel from Quang Ngai station. The beach stretches 6km long, with the seabed is not too slope and has no reef so it is very safe and proper to swim in the summer. 

About 500m from Sa Huynh Port to the northeast is the famous salt field. People start to produce salt from the April to the July and usually work from early morning. Tourists not only enjoy the summer on the beach, experience the life of the local with their career- produce salt, but also tourists can have a great chance to visit An Khe lagoon, located about 2km north of Sa Huynh town. Due to the lagoon situates adjacent to the roadside so tourists just stand near there to see the whole view of the lagoon.

4. Chau Sa Citadel 

Chau Sa Citadel is rampart built by the Cham people from the 9th century to protect the south of the Tra Kieu capital. Chau Sa Citadel is located in Tinh Chau commune, Son Tinh district, about 7km from Quang Ngai city to the northeast. The Citadel was built of soil, including internal and external rampart. Nowadays, there is only 3km fortification with 4m wide, 6m high and the perimeter of 4km. 

In addition, the researchers also found many artifacts of ancient pottery, Go Pho ancient tower (about 500m from the Chau Sa Citadel)… In 1994, Chau Sa Citadel was recognized as a National Historic-Cultural Vestige. 

5. Khe Hai Beach

Khe Hai Beach is situated in Binh Thanh commune, Binh Son district, about 1km to the east of the National Highway 1A (stretch of T-junction Doc Soi – Dung Quat). Khe Hai beach owns a white smooth sandy beach, endless casuarina groves paralleled with blue coastline. The west is Ban Than Mountain stretching from the sea shore to the beach and creating a beautiful half of the arc shape while the East is Hon Dong, a small beautiful mountain.

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Khe Hai beach is still pristine, so tourists can free to come here to swim, and visit without discomfort by tourist invitations. 

6. Thien An pagoda

Thien An is an ancient pagoda, located on Thien An Mountain- a sacred land in the belief of locals here, a beautiful panoramic view and a well-known spiritual site of Quang Ngai tourism. The pagoda was built in the late 17th century, along with mausoleum area, Pyramid - shaped tomb. Especially, the triple gate, the gate of Thien An shrine and Huynh Phuc Khanh’s Tomb also have south-facing view where the gentle Tra Vinh river flowing. 

7. Binh Chau Beach

Different to other places with the stretching smooth sandy beach to free swim, then Binh Chau beach is hidden ruins of a 11 million- year- old inactive volcano creating the special trait for the region. After a 3-month survey, the scientists also found “graveyard of sunken ancient ships” at the bottom of the sea, sedimentary rocky island as well as many colorful coral reefs. 

8. Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island is the beautiful place not to be missed when you are in Quang Ngai, the remaining vestiges of volcanoes 5 mouths dating back 25-30 million years ago have formed majestic landscapes with lava cliffs in different forms and shapes and pristine beaches with clear water. Apart from the stunning scenery, Ly Son island is also known as the kingdom of delicious garlic dishes, and specialties of the region.

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