List of Things to Do in the ‘Brave’ City of Kathmandu

A beautiful city, Kathmandu was destroyed during the earthquake in 2015. However, the city lifted it back up and is back on its feet luring visitors once again. With beautiful landscapes and awesome places to shop at Kathmandu is an ideal destination for tourists. You can have delicious momos here as well as flying past the Mt. Everest there are many things to do on your next visit to Kathmandu. You can book your tickets on Delhi to Kathmandu flights and travel to have a fun filled time in the mesmerizing valleys of Kathmandu.

Here are some things you must do in the new and revived Kathmandu.

1. Visiting a monkey temple: The world heritage Swayambhunath Temple is a short drive west of focal Kathmandu. Monkeys strut their stuff all over Buddhist altars and even have their own pool to spruce up in. At the highest point of the sanctuary, there is a clearing all encompassing perspective of the city. The earthquake harmed a few areas however it stays open to guests.

2. Shop in the city: Want to buy adventure gears or high quality shawls, Kathmandu is just the perfect place for you. The quality of scarves is high, albeit most stores have an extent in stock to suit diverse spending plans. Trekking and outdoors equip quality can fluctuate, however there are all that could possibly be needed shops to examine. What's more, the greater part of it is exceptionally shoddy. Abandon some space in your sack or bag when flying into Nepal since it will get filled quickly.

3. Visit Durbar Square: Kathmandu's clamoring hub, and the site of the significant yearly celebration commending rain gods, called Indra Jatra. That celebration sees the square loaded with cheering local people wearing lively hues and protecting under umbrellas as a parade of chariots and covered artists goes through. The Royal Palace is shut for redevelopments after tremor harm, however there are numerous different leftovers of the old Nepalese kingdom to respect in, and around, the square.

4. Explore a rooftop restaurant: City housetops are very much utilized as a part of Kathmandu, including for travelers to appreciate a beverage and a feast. To some degree shockingly, jazz bars are spotted around the city and local people say they can convey. Upstairs Jazz in Lazimpat, not a long way from the Radisson Hotel, had rockin music with a pool table and housetop bar (complete with foosball table soccer).

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5. Get a rickshaw ride: Drivers pedal the lanes of the fundamental city areas in Kathmandu. Ensure you settle on a cost and length of adventure before bouncing on board and check costs once again when on board. The lanes can be very confused (horn sounding resemble a game) so be setup for a couple thrills along the ride.

6. Trying out Nepalese Cuisine: Have a momo (dumpling) trailed by a Nepalese curry. Suck down a lassi or a Gorkha brew. Numerous eateries offer a scope of Nepali, Indian and Chinese dishes — including delectable veggie lover passage. For delectable dumplings local people suggested Momo Cave, Yang Ling or Magic Momo. Himalayan Java has better than average espresso for fatigued explorers.

Along with these things you can also look out for the Kathmandu Travel Guide to explore the city on your own. However, book your Delhi to Kathmandu flights in advance as the airfares fluctuate during the peak seasons.

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