Top most captivating tourist spots in Hue City, Vietnam

Hue city is the former capital of final Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. It is famous for a long history, traditional culture and ancient temples. The journey to Hue city cannot be perfect if tourists miss the chance to visit Hue Citadel, the excursion on Huong River or come to cultural, historical and religious relics. Now be ready for your trip to this beautiful city with top most attractive destinations below.

1. Hue Imperial City (The Citadel)

Hue Imperial City was built in the Western architecture combining with Eastern citadel architecture by Gia Long King in 1965 and completed by Minh Mang King in 1832. Inside the structure are many citadels, palaces and buildings of the Royal.
Top most captivating tourist spots in Hue City, Vietnam
Hue Imperial City with the architecture of both Western and Eastern style
Having existed nearly 200 years, Hue Imperial City still remains intact now with 140 structures in various sizes. Surroundings and on the citadel are 24 defensive fortresses.

2. Unique Imperial Mausoleums

The tombs of kings under Nguyen Dynasty are diverse in architecture, partly reflecting thoughts, aesthetic perspectives and personality of each king. Although Nguyen Dynasty had 13 kings, only 7 mausoleums are constructed due to economic and political reasons: Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, Duc Duc, Khai Dinh Tombs.

Top most captivating tourist spots in Hue City, Vietnam
The main part of Khai Dinh Mausoleum
These tombs are built in accordance with geomancy rules like river, mountain, pond, lake, stream… Each tomb is not only a cultural and historical site but also a unique landscape, a flower of architectural art.

3. Thien Mu Pagoda

Blending with the beauty of Huong River and Ngu Mountain, Thien Mu Pagoda has been the famous temple of Hue city. It has come into mind of Hue people, embellished and attached to this city for a very long time.

Top most captivating tourist spots in Hue City, Vietnam
Thien Mu Pagoda - the most renowned temple in Hue city
The harmony between the manmade structure and nature makes tourists have a desire to go sightseeing here no matter how busy they are. Coming to Thien Mu Pagoda, you will immerse in the beauty of an ancient temple with the majestic stupa having the shadow reflected on Huong River.

4. Vong Canh Hill

From Vong Canh Hill, travelers can see the green orchards with oranges, tangerines, logan…intermingling with pine trees, grey tile roofs of antique temples and tombs.
Top most captivating tourist spots in Hue City, Vietnam
The scenery viewed from Vong Canh Hill
Standing on Vong Canh Hill, you will have the chance to admire the view of poetic Hue city, especially the mausoleum area of kings. A sunrise or sunset scene will bring you the clearest feeling of the romantic beauty of Hue nature.

5. Ngu Mountain (Ngu Binh)

Along with Huong River, Ngu Mountain is the priceless gift of nature of Hue city. With 105m in height, this mountain is considered an ideal place to have an entire view of the city.
The majestic and peaceful beauty of Ngu Mountain
According to locals, the beauty of Ngu Mountain is not related to geomancy aspects but its closeness and harmony with Hue city.

6. The enchanting Huong River

Being the large river flowing through Hue city, Huong River is well-known with the extremely poetic beauty. It is winding amidst mountains, forests and tree hills, bringing the aroma of tropical herbs.
The sunset over poetic Huong River
Having an excursion on boat on this river and listening to Hue folk songs are must-try experiences here. The scenery on the banks of Huong River is reflected on the surface of water, making it more graceful in tourists’ eyes. It is no exaggeration to say that Huong River is the symbol of Hue city, the endless inspiration of poets, writers and composers in Hue.

Certainly, five destinations above are not all landscapes you can visit in Hue city – one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. But if you don’t have much time to stay here, don’t forget to reach these five tourist spots because they are really the soul of Hue. Have fun with your trip!

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