Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam

Top 5 islands in Vietnam I’ve listed here are only a part of Vietnam’s natural beauties. Only when coming to these places and seeing firsthand their scenery, do you understand why Vietnam is always mentioned as a golden tourism destination in Southeast Asia. Travel to our tropical islands to define true paradises in your own way.

1. Nam Du Island

60 km far away from the mainland of Kien Giang Province, Nam Du has been an ideal destination for backpackers recently.

Pristine but irresistible – That’s what travelers talk about Nam Du Island. Because it hasn’t been much exploited by humans, Nam Du’s natural beauty can make you feel comfortable. To set foot on this island, visitors have to overcome a long journey, but gorgeous landscapes in here will be the best-deserved reward.
Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam
The harmonious beauty of Nam Du Island
The blue color of sky, seawater blending with white color of fine sandy beaches and ranges of green casuarinas… This wonderful scenery is able to help you release the tension and feel the sense of serenity.

2. Ba Lua Islands

Kien Giang is really the land of paradise islands in Vietnam. Besides Phu Quoc, Nam Du, people also don’t forget that this area possesses another prominent tourist attraction: Ba Lua. Comprising many various islands, this archipelago is known as “a mini Ha Long Bay of the South”.
Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam
Ba Lua Islands -" a mini Ha Long Bay of the South"
The unspoiled beauty of Ba Lua Islands sometimes makes you overwhelmed. Discovering mysteriousness and having new tourism experiences in this paradise, you will have an unforgettable trip. The sea is not too deep, so it’s easy to move between two islands. Remember to admire the sparkling beaches in the afternoon sunshine with colorful corals and gravels.

3. Binh Ba Island

15km far away from Cam Ranh Port (Khanh Hoa Province), Binh Ba Island is on the top 10 beautiful islands in Vietnam. Tourists can visit this island in all four seasons with low budget. With majestic mountainous landscape, green island and poetic waves, Binh Ba Island is highly attractive. Don’t miss the chance to admire the view of sunrise, dive or go fishing.
Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam
Majestic mountainous landscapes blend with poetic beaches in Binh Ba Island
Fishers in Binh Ba Island have their own ways to process seafood, especially lobster. Therefore, it is a good idea to taste stunning dishes at a lower price.

4. Binh Hung Island

If you are prepared to explore Binh Ba Island, don’t overlook another island in Khanh Hoa Province: Binh Hung. Located in Cam Ranh Bay, this island boasts its impressive beauty in blue water.
Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam
The emerald green color of seawater in Binh Hung Island
Seawater in here is emerald green and crystal clear enough for you to see fish swimming or breathtaking coral reefs in the seabed.

The mixed colors of sand, sunshine, stones covered with seaweed make this island similar to a wonderland. No one can deny that it is as pretty as a picture.

5. Cu Lao Cham Islands

Being a famous tourist spot in Hoi An city, Quang Nam Province, Cu Lao Cham comprises 8 islands in various sizes. This is a destination chosen by a lot of travelers after they have spent all day to visit Hoi An Ancient Town.
Discover top 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam
Cu Lao Cham Islands - one of the Biosphere Reserves of the world
Recognized as one of the Biosphere Reserves of the world, Cu Lao Cham draws a large number of visitors each year. Peaceful beaches, the rich ecosystem and delicious seafood are reasons why you won’t want to leave here.

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