Spring Festivals - a Cultural Beauty of Quan Ho Land

Spring is the beginning season of a year, the growing season of everything and plants ... In the warm weather, people happily call for each other and go on the a pilgrimage to the original point, play and pray for good weather, good crops, safety and luck for every one.

A procession in the Spring festival of Quan Ho land

Coming to Kinh Bac- Bac Ninh countryside, tourists can feel that festival culture here is diverse and rich. According to statistics, Bac Ninh has over 500 traditional festivals taken place in all four seasons. Many large-scale regional and national festivals organized such as Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival, Hoi Lim (Lim Festival), Do Temple Festival, Dau Temple Festival, But Thap pagoda Festival, Festival of Temple of Quan Ho ancestor... attract numerous domestic and foreign visitors. Each festival has its own characteristic and value, and mainly honor a sacred person like the heroes fighting against invaders and aggressors, the ancestors of a job or a handicraft, the disaster controllers, or people who saved mankind from sufferings…

Quan Ho singing is an indispensable activity in the festivals in Bac Ninh

With the “When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree” ideology, festivals in Bac Ninh are taken place eventfully and associated with the legends, achievements, merits of the ancestor, are the bridges connecting the past and the present, help young people better understand the ancestral merit, and be more proud of the tradition of their homeland and the country. In particular, Bac Ninh festivals are usually associated with villages, landmarks as an indispensable element in community life of the residents in Quan Ho land. In the days of the festival, many traditional games showing the sporting spirit are held beside the forms of cultural activities like Quan Ho singing, rice cooking contest, cockfighting, weaving, wrestling, teetering ...

Immersing in the stream of people enjoying the spring pilgrimage in the land of Quan Ho, most people want to spend time going sightseeing and enjoying the fresh air of the beautiful spring. They come to the historical monuments, landscapes, temples to be immersed into the traditional festivals. Only in January, there are many festivals held such as the Ba Chua Kho temple Festival in Vu Ninh Ward, Bac Ninh city, Phat Tich Pagoda Festival, Lim Festival in Tien Du District. The richness of the festivals here is not only the beauty of national culture, but also a cultural product of spiritual tourism attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Rice cooking contest (in traditional way) in Spring Festival

Like generations of Vietnamese people, Tet (also known as Tet Ca), with residents in Bac Binh, is always the biggest festival in the thousands of generations-traditional festival, the transition points between the old year and new year; between an operating cycle of heaven and earth, of all things and plants. Since the creation of the world, the traditional New Year of our nation has had the potential of human values which presents the relationship between man and nature and the universe through four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter season.

Tet is an opportunity for residents in Quan Ho land to commemorate and express their gratefulness to ancestors and original point; consolidate and strengthen the relationship with neighbors and villagers. The Day when the Kitchen Gods returning the Heaven is considered the first day of the Lunar New Year. After seeing of the Kitchen gods, people begin cleaning houses, cleaning the worshiping subjects on ancestors altar, hanging some Dong Ho folk paintings and some distiches on the most solemn place to prepare for Tet.

The altar in the New Year of Northern people

At Tet, on the ancestral altar of every family, in addition to sweets, cakes,…, mâm ngũ quả (a dish/tray of five fruits: bananas, oranges, kumquats, pomelos, finger citrons) is indispensable. Five fruits are gifts from the Gods symbolizing the concept of human longing for prosperity and affluence. In the traditional New Year's Day of our nation, many customs and traditions like Khai bút (beginning a new-year writing), hái lộc picking bough of buds or young leaves), exchanging wishes, spring walking, mừng thọ (congratulating the old on his longevity) are preserved by Bac Ninh people.

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